Information Update for Fiber Optic Project in Town of Jacksonport

Attached are three Informational Documents regarding the Fiber Optic Project for the Town of Jacksonport. The first document is a Status Update from the Jacksonport Fiber Optic Team, dated Janauary 24, 2024.  This document discusses Frontier’s Phased Approach to the installation as well as more information on how to sign up for Fiber Optic for your location. Also included is a map of the Frontier’s Five Phased Approach to the installationof of Fiber Optic within the Town of Jacksonport. As you will see from the map the east side and northeast side of Clark Lake are included in Phase I of the Installation and the west side of Clark Lake is included in Phase II of the installation. Since all of Clark Lake is included in the first two phases of the installation we encourage all interested parties to sign up immediately so you will guarantee yourself of the free installation from the road to your home along with a modem.. Don’t wait, do it now.. For those who may have missed the earlier Newsletter we have attached another copy of the Frequently Asked Questions & Answers