This is a description of the duties and skills associated with some of our volunteer duties. We need a diversity of gender, age and both seasonal and full time residents.  Please review the list frequently and contact us if you can help.

Social Event Committee (Marilyn Van Lieshout)

Event Coordinators

Fish/Wildlife Committee (Pat Canney)

Work Group Coordinators

  • Fish Sticks
  • Spawning Reefs
  • Brook Trout
  • Fish Planting
  • Goose Egg Oiling

Water Quality and Vegetation Committee (Mark Weisse)

Work Group Coordinators

  • Invasive Vegetation
  • Bulrush Monitoring
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Well Testing

Lake Safety/Maintenance Committee (Bob Defaut)

  • Whitefish Bay Creek Clearing
  • Buoys IN/OUT
  • Signs IN/OUT
  • Boat landings Maintenance

Communications Committee (Chuck Birringer)


  • Annual Letter and Newsletters
  • Website Notices
  • Event Flyers
  • New Members
  • Unpaid Members
  • Volunteers Needed
  • Greeting Cards (Death, Thank You, Etc)

History Work Group (Unassigned)

  • Collect interviews
  • Collect and save images
  • Review newspaper and other archives
  • Collate and edit material for presentation/ publication

Membership Work Group (Cathy Paulson)

  • Maintain a combined membership/ financial database to include: owner name, permanent address, lake address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, dues status, date dues paid, check number, Donations, Propane, and status such as M(oved), N(ew),or D(ied).
  • Update database when new information forwarded from annual dues/ info sheet or periodic notice from member
  • Survey county records twice a year and add new properties or changes
    • Maintain process for welcome information including enrollment form and coordinate with director to meet new members.
  • Maintain list of deceased, moved or new members to include in annual letter
  • Coordinate with annual letter for information to be included on dues statement/ info sheet
  • Coordinate with directory committee to ensure up to date information
  • Confirm membership status for co-op committee

Website Work Group (Chuck Birringer)

  • Periodic review of content
    • Organization
    • Accessibility
    • Pertinence/ timeliness
    • User satisfaction
    • Evaluate and institute new sections
    • Links
      • Appropriateness
      • Periodic check to make sure still accurate

Cooperative Purchasing Work Group (Chuck Birringer)


  • Serve/ coordinate with Outreach/ Publication chair and committee
  • Train with vendor for maintenance of website including posting new information, organizing the site, using the all member e-mail notice
  • Primary contact for vendor
  • Review and confirm links on a periodic basis
  • Periodic review/download of e-mail subscribers to merge with data base and coordinate with annual letter/ membership for any changes
  • Add new subscribers as requested

Safety/ Maintenance

  • Install and recover buoys
  • Maintain signs at the boat ramp
  • Install and remove dock at the Ridges property
  • Organize or supervise ad hoc maintenance activities such as rock removal at the boat ramp and the Whitefish Bay Creek clearing


This committee is responsible for our social activities. In addition to being enjoyable our social events are meant to engender a spirit of community among all of our members. We also recognize there are many facets to our community and intend to create social opportunities for all ages and interests.

  • Plan and organize or assist in executing social activities
    • Picnic
    • Fall dinner
  • Periodically review social activities and suggest/ implement additional activities

Water Quality

This committee is responsible for monitoring the environmental health of the lake and planning activities aimed at promoting and preserving the natural environment.

Fish/ Wildlife habitat

Works with DNR fish manager and other organizations to improve or preserve habitat

  • Past activities have included perch planting, installing a rocky reef for walleye spawning and the fish sticks program. Promoting stewardship of the shore through education and demonstration projects.

Invasive control

Works with the DNR and local agencies to monitor and control invasive species.

  • The annual phragmites fest involves mapping and then treating this invasive. Other invasives such as purple lustriffe are also treated.
  • Clean boats/ Clean water project.

Water levels

This committee monitors the lake levels as controlled by the dam. Most of the activity is collecting data, collating and analyzing and then sharing with the dam owner and encourage collaborative management of the dam. It also prepares communication and education for the membership concerning lake level variation.


This committee both monitors water quality and lake vegetation. It also works with the DNR and other agencies and organizations to interpret and react to trends and educate our membership. Promoting stewardship of the shore through education and demonstration projects.


Town Monitor

Each township has a member who monitors issues as raised at town committee or board meetings and notifies the CLAA board if considered an issue we should discuss or notify our members about.

Environmental Issues Monitor

The board needs to be aware of potential and current environmental issues or threats that occur throughout the watershed and that we may need to respond to or notice to all our members. Currently a member reviews all permit requests through the County Planning Commission and forwards issues of concern to the board.

ad hoc

Special committees may be formed to deal with special, time limited or one time events that do not fall under the purview of an existing committee.

Executive Committee

We do not have a standing executive committee. The bylaws do allow for a temporary executive committee to function when the board is not meeting during the winter months but it must be authorized and appointed each year.