This is a description of the duties and skills associated with some of our volunteer duties. We need a diversity of gender, age and both seasonal and full time residents.  Please review the list frequently and contact us if you can help.

CLAA Committees

Communications-Committee (Terry Schneider)

Fish/Wildlife Committee (Bob Fox)

Lake Safety/Maintenance Committee (Gwenn Graboyes)

Social Committee (Dick Martin)

Water Quality/Vegetation Control Committee (Mark Weisse)

Executive Committee

We do not have a standing executive committee. The bylaws do allow for a temporary executive committee to function when the board is not meeting during the winter months but it must be authorized and appointed each year.

Ad-Hoc Committees


CLAA Work Groups

CLAA History Work Group (Not Assigned)

Cooperative Purchasing Work Group (Chuck Birringer)

Membership Work Group (Jill Carstens)

Website Work Group (Chuck Birringer)


Town Monitor

Each township has a member who monitors issues as raised at town committee or board meetings and notifies the CLAA board if considered an issue we should discuss or notify our members about.

Environmental Issues Monitor

The board needs to be aware of potential and current environmental issues or threats that occur throughout the watershed and that we may need to respond to or notice to all our members. Currently a member reviews all permit requests through the County Planning Commission and forwards issues of concern to the board