About Clark Lake Advancement Association

The purpose of the Clark Lake Advancement Association (according to our by-laws) is to be ... "A non-profit organization formed and organized to serve as an association of property owners and other persons interested in the progress, development and welfare of Clark Lake and the contiguous land areas within 3/8 mile of the shoreline, and the promotion of the concept that the people residing within this area are a unified community."

As you explore this site you will notice that these are not idle words. The purpose of the Clark Lake Advancement Association (CLAA) is reinforced continually by the commitment and actions by many volunteers. These volunteers share a determined passion to preserve the lake for both current occupants and future generations of the lake. Please review the linked pages of this site to learn more about the successes of the CLAA. The CLAA has a strong membership. In 2015, we had 224 members. There are approximately 260 properties on the lake. The organization is financially sound.