Photo Contest

CLAA Calendar Photo Contest

1 0ct 2020 through 31 Dec 2020.

CLAA is creating a free calendar celebrating our members and the lake. We are seeking digital images to illuminate each month.  The contest is open to all CLAA members and their families.

We will distribute one free calendar per membership with hopes that it will hang in your cottage or home as a daily reminder of our shared experience and our responsibility to preserve this place we all love.

We have designated 12 categories Click Here 2020 Photo Contest Categories with one winner chosen for each category. Photos may be from any year but should have been taken on or around Clark Lake.

Pictures will be judged on both attractiveness and effectiveness in illustrating one of the categories.

A winning photo will be captioned and displayed each month of the calendar. The CLAA website calendar will also have the same photos.

This calendar starts with May 2021 when most of our seasonal members return.

The printed calendar will have dates of CLAA events known at the time of publishing but the online website should always be consulted for the most current information.

Every contest has rules so be sure to review the rules Click Here for 2020 Photo Contest Rules.

How to enter: Send an e-mail to [email protected] with “Entry form request” and the date as the subject.  

Limit one entry per person per day. The one day limit applies to one person so other people sharing the same e-mail address may still enter on the same day.

Please send any questions to [email protected]