Update on Broadband Internet for Clark Lake

At a Special Meeting today, the Town of Jacksonport approved $75,000 for Broadband Internet in anticipation of a $75,000 match by Door County Broadband (DCB) and a $150,000 match from a grant from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC) for a total of $300,000. The cost of one 190′ broadband tower was estimated at $100,000. A tentative agreement has been reached between a landowner on County Highway V and DCB for the first 190′ tower. Assuming there is an approval of the WPSC Grant and implementation goes without any major issues, the initial tower could be available in late summer or early fall 2020. This tower should be able to reach the South Shore of Clark Lake via line of sight. Once the signal is received at Clark Lake there is technology available to retransmit the signal around Clark Lake. More information on this technology will follow as it becomes available. Additional towers will be located and installed after the initial tower is operational.

Current DCB customers and Frontier customers should be aware of possible internet service interruptions. While DCB will be shutting down the broadband tower located on the east side of Clark Lake in April 2020, Frontier is experiencing financial difficulties and thus has not been adding new customers since Spring of 2019.

If you feel this is a long term option for high speed internet do not forget to submit your letter of support before December 1, 2019. These letters will be attached to the Grant Application. CLICK HERE for more information on these letters of support. Thank you for your cooperation. Questions – email Chuck Birringer at [email protected] .