Update On Fiber Optic for Town of Sevastopol Residents

In February 2024, the Town of Sevastopol announced a project with AT&T to expand Fiber Optic to more than 2,000 Residents in the Town of Sevastopol. Planning and Engineering for this project are to begin in the 1st quarter of 2024. Network buildout is scheduled to be completed in 2 years.

Per the Peninsula Pulse, Sevastopol has been granted $816,693 from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. To check on the status of this project, go to ATT.com/fiber. If you are a Town of Sevastopol resident and would like to sign up for Fiber Optic with AT&T, go to ATT.com/notifyme.
Jeanne Vogel, the Town of Sevastopol Supervisor and Chair of their Technical Committee, strongly encourages Sevastopol Residents to attend monthly Town Board Meetings or watch the meetings on the Sevastopol YouTube Channel. Meeting minutes and videos, once approved by the Town Board, are also available on the Town of Sevastopol Website.