2023 Kayak Poker Run FAQs

2023 Kayak Poker Run FAQs

What is the Kayak Poker Run?

Kayak or canoe around the lake to pick up a playing card at designated sites.
Use up to 5 cards to form your best poker hand.
Top 3 hands will win a cash prize $10, $20, $30.

When is the Kayak Poker Run?

Pick up cards between 10AM-Noon Sunday Aug 13 th .
No pre-registration necessary.
Bring a waterproof bag to keep your cards dry and readable.

Where is the Kayak Poker Run?

Look for small US flags on docks or boats around the lake .
You may start anywhere on the lake.
Stops include both East and West launches and a boat near the beach .
A map is available at each launch in the new brochure boxes, on Facebook and on the
CLAA website (Click Here).
Volunteer at each site can direct you to the next stop.

How many locations to pick up cards?

12. You may only visit each site once.

How to register your poker hand?

Take your cards and visit either boat launch (east or west) between Noon and 1:30 PM.
We will record your name, phone number for contact and your cards.

How to win prizes?

After 1:30 PM judges will review all entries and declare and notify the winners by


4 Locations will also give one of four different SOS information cards. Save these cards to learn
what you can do to protect your shoreland.
If you collect at least 2 SOS cards, you qualify for a $2 discount on every clothing item you
purchase through August 26 th , 2023.
How to claim this credit: when you use the online clothing order form, answer “yes” to the
question about the kayak run discount.
Click here to learn more about CLAA clothing