Propane Pricing 2022-2023

Lakes Gas has given our group two pricing options for the 2022-2023 heating season:

Option # 1 – Lakes Gas fixed pricing option (pay as you go) is $2.109 with no delivery charge.

Option # 2 – Lakes Gas budget plan option. You pay a monthly amount into your account – calculated by taking the average annual usage times $2.109 (which is the projected wholesale winter price + $.90) divided by 11 months for the months July through June of the heating year. At the time of fill up, your account will be debited the number of gallons times the lower of the current wholesale price + $.90 or $2.109. At the end of the year a reconciliation is made. Underpayment means you used more propane than estimated and you will be receiving a bill for the amount of the underpayment. Overpayment means your account was charged less than what you put in on the budget plan and you will be receiving a credit to be used the following year. 

Those who rent Lakes Gas tanks will also be charged a one time annual fee of $29.99.


There are 30 people on the Cooperative Purchasing Propane List that still have not paid their 2022 dues. Dues must be paid in order to participate in this program,   (If you are not sure if you paid your dues please send an email to Chuck Birringer at [email protected])