Door County Well Water Testing 2022

What’s in your well?

Spring 2022 well testing program.

The Wisconsin DNR recommends private wells tested annually for bacteria and periodically for nitrates and other levels. This year, take advantage of the UW-Oshkosh ERIC lab well water testing program so the results can be added to a database to track trends, expand knowledge of the county water supply and save you some money.

To ensure comparable environmental conditions for well comparison, all the water tests must be collected within a single 24 hour period. You will collect your sample and deliver it to the drop off point the evening of Friday 29 April or the morning of Saturday 30 April.

Registration begins now and closes at March 31st. Please use the attached brochure or follow this link to learn specifics or register online. Once enrolled ERIC will e-mail specific instructions and send the water collection kit.

We are interested in getting every section of Jacksonport and Sevastopol around Clark Lake as well as the Clark Lake watershed included in the testing. Since this is a county wide event so please share the information with everyone. There will be a water drop off site in Jacksonport this year in addition to sites in Sister Bay, Sturgeon Bay and southern Door.