Swim Raft Restrictions

A question came up at the annual meeting concerning swim rafts.


The Wiscnsin DNR swim raft pdf indicates:


All swimming rafts, those that require a permit and those that do not, must be placed within 200 feet of shore, and can only be placed by a waterfront property owner.


Unless by special permit, the raft may not exceed 200 sq, ft. in surface area (15 ft. diameter for round trampoline) and does not exceed 38 inches above the water level. This does not include protective covers, diving boards, ladders and slides. The size and height restrictions do not apply if you completely remove the swim raft from the water and onto shore every day.


The swimming raft may not interfere with public rights in navigable waterways or interfere with the rights of other property owners.


If questions, refer to the DNR website or contact the local warden.