Entries are accepted until the end of December so review the categories and send in a request today for an entry form [email protected].


Three categories have no entries and two only have 1 entry. Category suggestions are at 2020 Photo Contest Categories


We have no entries of social events such as the boat parade, picnic, family reunions, weddings, fall dinner, etc.  There are no entries in the Sense of Community category which would include volunteers in action or projects that volunteers helped create or fund such as installing the walleye reef, Fishsticks or buoys, etc. There are also no photos of invasive species control which could be phragmites treatment or shots of invasive species or their effect.


We have one each in Holidays and Safety. Review the category descriptions for ideas.


Remember you can enter up to 12 photos (one for each category) or you can indicate more than one category for a photo.