Update on CLAA Calendar Photo contest

Thanks to everyone who has so far entered. We still need a lot of entries and some categories (Invasive species, Safety, Social Events, Sense of community, Families, and Holidays) have no entries at all. The Clark Lake Facebook Page for some examples and review the 2020 Photo Contest Categories.


Remember send an e-mail to [email protected] with “Entry form request” and todays date to start the entry process.


There have been some questions about returning the entry form and attaching your photo.

You must first select “Reply”. Once the reply draft is open you need to make sure the original message with the entry form is visible; G mail has three small dots at the bottom left corner that you click and then choose “View Original message”; Yahoo may say “Show trimmed content”.

Once the Entry Form is seen in the reply draft then you can edit it.


Finally attach your photo to the reply draft and send.


If you are having problems contact [email protected] anf they will arrange a phone follow up if needed.