Judges Selected for Photo Contest

We are very pleased to announce that we now have our panel of three judges for the CLAA Calendar Photo contest.


There are many talented members who would be great judges but we purposely did not choose CLAA members or their families so as to avoid any question of bias.


Thomas Jordan: retired chief executive of a large ad agency, author, community volunteer and photographer. You may know his book “The Secret Treasures of Sturgeon Bay”   which was nominated for international honors or heard him present at many venues including the Crossroads.


Elizabeth Heller: Art instructor, author of children’s books, yoga instructor, community volunteer and artist and photographer. She is currently displaying work at the Plum Bottom Gallery in Egg Harbor.


Matt Peter: Land Manager at the Ridges Sanctuary, liaison with CLAA and the WQVC committee. Matt is frequently quoted and seen as a spokesperson for the Ridges. He is familiar with our organization, its goals and Clark Lake.