Summary of Internet Meeting Between the Town of Jacksonport and Door County Broadband

This is a summary of the Monday Night meeting on internet between the Town of Jacksonport (TOJ) and Door County Broadband (DCB). 

The 100 foot Private Tower next to the West Shore Boat Landing is up. DCB has submitted a request to Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) to run power to the tower. DCB has submitted a purchase order to the vendor that will supply the equipment to make the tower operational. The plan is to have the tower operational in 2020. It was not clear how much of Clark Lake could be serviced with this tower.

Thanks to funding from an Agricultural Grant the 190 foot tower on County Highway V is scheduled to be completed and operational before the end of 2020.

Assuming DCB receives approved grant funding and the Town of Sevastopol replaces its existing tower ordinance, the following towers could be scheduled for 2021: Town of Jacksonport/Egg Harbor Town Line, Shauer Park, Clark Lake Beach, County T Valmy.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.