One Last Notice for the Annual Meeting Tomorrow

Annual Meeting Attendance Options

Due to the COVID19 pandemic the Clark Lake Advancement Association is providing several ways to attend the 2020 Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will be held at the back Shelter at the Jacksonport Town Park beginning at 9:00 AM.

Live Attendance at Meeting

For those who wish to attend in person please bring a chair, a mask and please social distance from your neighbors. Since we will have onsite limited video capabilities please bring a Cellphone with internet access so that you can view all documents that will be discussed during the meeting.

Electronic Attendance at Meeting

Option #1 Voice Only

Phone: 978-990-5000  ID: 138194. If you have a PC or ipad with internet access, go to click on the Events tab and then the Annual Meeting Meeting Page. All the agenda items on that page have hyperlinks to documents that will be discussed at the meeting.


Option #2 Voice & View Documents


Online meeting ID: mmbrunet4401

1: Copy and paste this link into your browser.

2: When page fully loaded, then click the “Join Online Meeting” bar and a pop up screen will appear.

3:  You will be asked to enter a name and e-mail address. This is only for identification during the meeting and does not need to be a real name or address 

4: Now click the “Join bar”. You may need to add the meeting ID:  mmbrunet4401

            5: You will now be on the meeting screen.

6: Click the phone icon ; I recommend you choose the “Mic & Speakers” to use your computer; you may need to grant permission for Free Conference Call to use your microphone (ignore any request to enter a PIN).