Clark Lake Boat Parade

Great News: The Clark Lake Boat Parade is on tomorrow as planned. The weather looks to be perfect, warm and very little wind. The Band will leave Jerry Voelker’s Dock prompty at 11:30 and proceed clockwise around the lake at a very slow speed. Since we do not have a count on the number of boats participating we ask people to show up 10 minutes early so we can organize the parade around the boat with the band on it. Since we will be cruising along the shore wherever possible we ask all boat drivers to please avoid driving through patches of bulrushes. Don’t forget to bring your phones or ipads. The lyrics for the songs that the band is playing are on the Clark Lake website under the Events Menu/Boat Parade. We hope many of you will join us in song. We ask Everyone to please practice Social Distancing with your neighbors and we ask all boat drivers to maintain appropriate distancing between boats as we tour the lake. Have an enjoyable and safe 4th of July. The Social Committee