Internet – Clark Lake

One of the agenda items for the November 19, 2020 Jacksonport Town Board Meeting was a “Presentation by DC Broadband for Broadband Towers”. DC Broadband proposed a 190′ Broadband Tower located on County Highway V west of Jacksonport that would service much of the Town of Jacksonport as well as much of the area surrounding Clark Lake (including Town of Sevastopol residents). Funding for the estimated $100,000 tower would come from from three sources, 25% from DC Broadband, 25% from the Town of Jacksonport and 50% from a matching grant from the Wisconsin Public Service Coproration. Since part of the funding would come from Taxpayer dollars the Town of Jacksonport is requesting letters of support for this proposal. All support letters will be attached to the grant application which is due in early December. If you choose to write a letter of support for the proposal, CLICK HERE for more information on what to include and where to send the letters of support. If you would like to attend, a follow-up meeting with DC Broadband is scheduled for 9:30 am Tuesday November 26, 2019 at the Jacksonport Town Hall. More details should be available following this Tuesday’s Meeting. Questions may be emailed to Chuck Birringer at [email protected] .