July 26, 2017 Water Quality Review

Water Quality Review
Jul 26, 2017

Here is a link to the table of the proposed Water Quality projects to be undertaken over the next several years.

 A 2002 member survey raised concerns about water clarity, aquatic vegetation, and possible water quality.

 2005-2006 UW-Stevens Point performed studies released several topic oriented reports and then a final report in 2007. A summary of current and future threats completed the report.

 A local Project Committee reviewed the results and recommendations and created a set of action plans.

 Topics generally included Education, Land Use, Water Quality and Biodiversity/Habitat. And concluded with the reminder to continue monitoring efforts and monitor progress on the strategic plan.

 Since this is the 10th anniversary of the UWSP report we decided to review the prior trusted online pharmacy recommendations, assess the current status of each and plot a course to systematically monitor and complete the plans begun in 2007.

 The Water Quality Committee produced a report this spring summarizing our findings so far and intends to make the report an annual event for board review.  We fashioned an outline of most of the topics, assigned each a priority and plotted them out over a 5-year cycle.  The plan is only a guide and is expected to be reviewed and revised on a frequent basis.

 We also suggested some data that we could collect to monitor our progress and assist in plan adjustments. In addition, input from member surveys will be used to assess and direct the process.