July 20, 2017 Lake Carp Die off

Lake Carp Die off
Jul 20, 2017

Since Sunday there has been an increasing number of carp dying with the resultant fragrant odor of decay.  Two DNR fish biologists did cruise the lake on Monday, 16 July, noted about 10 dead carp but no other species.  They did not identify any findings that were of great concern and elected on a course of watchful waiting.

There have been multiple reports continuing through this week and the DNR has been online pharmacy ed flooded by our calls and e-mails.  Nick Legler will be back in town next week and he and the other fish biologist, Tom Meronek will assess the situation again then.

Right now this seems to be confined to carp but if anyone sees other species then notify the DNR; otherwise, let’s see how the carp are doing next week and give the phones and emails a brief pause.

Mark Weisse

President CLAA