Did you test you well this year?

Every private well should be tested annually to ensure a safe water supply for your family and guests.


Problems can include bacterial infestation, toxins, such as pesticides, and metals or radium.


Door County has historic, geologic and geographic features which puts us at risk for well water contamination.


Flooding results in an increased risk of contamination and may require temporary special water precautions and testing. The county health department has several tips about this.


You can collect your own samples and submit them for a variety of test options. Sampling kits are available around the county and are free, but the testing is charged according to which test profile you choose. Sometimes, groups sponsor special rates or even free well water testing.


Treatment for bacterial contamination requires disinfecting the well and your water system. Other contamination may require more extensive measure. All treatments should be done in consultation with water specialists.


If your well is contaminated, then your neighbors may also have the same problem.  CLAA will develop a confidential reporting site so we can issue alerts if contaminants are identified.

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