There are currently 11 buoys located on Clark Lake, 4 No-Motor Zone buoys in the North Bay, 5-No Wake Buoys in the East Bay and 2 200 Foot NO-Wake Buoys (1 out from the West Side Boat Launch and 1 out from the East Side Boat Launch). The bouys, which are stored at the CLAA Port Storage Unit # 5 are connected/installed to their appropriate anchors/pads which are defined by these GPS Coordinates: (North Bay 1)________ 2)_______ 3)_______ 4)_______ , East Bay 1) _______ 2) _______ 3)________ 4) _______ 5) _______, West Boat Launch 1) _______ East Boat Launch 1) _______ ) some time in early May. The Bouys are removed, power washed, checked for leaks and stored at CLAA Port Storage Unit # 5 in early October.

Replacement Buoys and Bouy Replacement Decals and Parts have been purchased from Roylan Buoys located in Cedaburg, WI.