Member Recognition

CLAA 2017 Donations

Vieau Paul

Lonergan Kevin and Elizabeth

Gass Thomas and Sally

Foreman Fred and Stephanie

Zieche Gerald and Jan (Zieche Family Living Trust)

Doyle John and Diana

Arts Nancy Lee

Urban John

Knuth Mark and Kay

Leverenz Lisa

Doyle James and Phyllis

Novak Kailey



Nancy Lee Arts

Thomas & Lynn DeNamur

Fred & Stephanie Foreman

Tom & Sally Gass

Kevin & Elizabeth Loergan

Paul Vieau

James & Deborah Webb

Zieche Family Living Trust (Gerald & Jan Zieche

John & Diana Doyle

Scott & Laura Marvil

Mark & Kay Knuth

Michael & Ann Johnson

Gerald & Lynn Schuppie (Brook Trout)

Fred & Stephanie Foreman (Brook Trout)

Corbin & Lauri Ashbury (Brook Trout)


Lakeshore Natural Resources Partnership

Dennis Hussin & Linda Smith (Brook Trout)

Michael & Carol Karbowski (Brook Trout)

Samuel Hope III & Elizabeth Meyer (Brook Trout)

George Meyer LN Family Foundation (Brook Trout)

Nicholas & Wendy Nett (Brook Trout)

Bob & Lainie Kufrin (Brook Trout)

Bill & Katie Hebal (Brook Trout)

Steve & Jackie Schechinger (Brook Trout)



We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped at Phragmites Fest. Please give a big Thank You to the following:

Joe Otto
Brian "Buzz" Otto
Rachel Otto
Graham Otto
Edward Otto
Paul Schumacher; project chairman
Mike Brunet
Bob DeFaut
Joe Graboyes
Brad Moe
Mark Weisse

Kari Hagenow: certified applicator and supervisor for crews both days

Ridges Sanctuary for assisting in the permit and mapping and supplying extra herbicide.
We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped at the boat ramp the last several days. They spent a combined 20 hours moving stones and rocks to level out the launch area, filling holes and cleaning the cement launch apron.  Due to their efforts boaters should now have an easier time launching and recovering their boats.
Give a big hand to:
Brigham Tom
Brunet Mike
Canney Pat
Cassidy Bob
Defaut Bob
DeNamur Tom
Fox Bob
Graboyes Joe
Hebal Bill
Kufrin Bob
Paul John
Schumacher Paul
Swanson Oscar

Due to a joint effort between the Ridges and CLAA volunteers there is now a dock installed on the Ridges at Logan Creek property so kayaks and canoes can access the preserve from the lake.

Please thank the following volunteers for their effort:  Brian Forest, Bill Hebal, Lawrie Kull, Dan Valosek, Pat Welsing and Chuck Davelis.
In addition Bob Defaut and his team are completing deployment of the buoys to ensure another safe season on the water.
It is through  events with volunteers such as these that we are able to sustain Clark Lake and engender camaraderie and devotion among members of the association.