Aug 23, 2017 Bulrush Density Study

Give a shout out and big thank you  to all of the volunteers for completing the bulrush density survey ahead of schedule! The volunteers included members and 5 grandchildren which turned this into a great family event. Also thank you to the owners who allowed access to their land for training and the survey.

Survey results will be analyzed and presented in a few weeks.

Volunteers:  Jim Gasper, Doug Slater, Cathy Slater, Nathalie Gasper, Bill Gasper, Gail Gasper, Leslie Goulet, Charlie Goulet, Jerry Dassler, Sebastian Fogarty, Jackson Fogarty, Nicholas Fogarty, Greta Fogarty, Kristin Grady-Mitchell, Gwenn Graboyes, Abby Weisse, Patty Weisse and Mark weisse.

Owners: B.J. Cassidy and Bob Connolly; Daryl and Kathy Kapalin; Tim Hermann; Ridges Sanctuary; and White Fish Dunes State Park.