Possible sightings of blue-green algae bloom on Clark Lake June 2024

The Association has received several possible sitings of blue-green algae algae bloom on our lake through Facebook, Emails, Word of Mouth around the lake. We have since discussed the Possible Blue-Green Algae Bloom with the Door County Health Department and it appears the reported algae bloom seems to have abated at this time. If you suspect another bloom, please contact the Association immediately using the “Contact Us” button on the bottom of the CLAA Website Home Page. Please provide Name, Contact Information and Location with a description of what you are reporting. Since the feedback from the Contact Us page is monitored by several Association individuals, this sighting will be verified by someone from the Association and if warranted the proper authorities will be contacted to perform further testing..

If you see what appears to be a blue-green algae bloom, avoid the water and remember that you should not allow your pets in water where an algae bloom may be present then contact the Association using the Contact Us Button on the Websight HomePage! 

Here are links to information that may be helpful in determining if this is truly blue-green bloom.

Blue-Green Algae: Health Concerns Related to Blue-Green Algae

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Feb23,2024

Wisconsin DNR Blue-green algae link