Cooperative Purchase for Garbage and Recycling Pickup

RE: Pricing for Garbage and Recycling Services

I have been in discussion with the General Manager of Going Garbage & Recycling Inc. to get the details on what Going Garbage can offer the Clark Lake Advancement Association membership.  Going Garbage, based in Sister Bay, is a locally owned and operated solid waste (trash and recycling) services company that has served Door County for over fifty years.

I have received the following monthly pricing from Going Garbage for Both Garbage and Recycling Pickup:

For Roadside Pickup once a week – $29.50

For Roadside Pickup every other week – $26.00

For Drive-In Pickup once a week – $52.00

For Drive-In Pickup every other week – $33.80

Going Garbage offers hardcopy Invoices or electronic invoices along with a variety of payment options that include check, credit card and online payment. There are no contracts or service commitments and service may be interrupted and re-started at any time without penalty or cost.  Going Garbage provides three sizes of wheeled garbage and recycling containers (30-gallon, 60-gallon and 90-gallon).  There is no charge for the container(s).  Recycling is of the “singlestream” variety, which means that all recycling (bottles, cans, plastics, paper, cardboard, etc.) can be deposited in one recycling cart, i.e. no need to presort.  Sorting does occur subsequent to collection at a highly specialized and automated Material Recovery Facility.

Unfortunately, due to volatility in diesel fuel prices a modest fuel surcharge may be added to your invoice.  That is currently running at about 1.7% of the invoice amount.

For more information or to sign up for services call Customer Service for Going Garbage at (920) 854-2114; or email at [email protected].   Be sure to mention that you are a member of the Clark Lake Advancement Association and Going Garbage has generously agreed to provide a one-time $25 “Clark Lake Credit” on your account, to be applied against your next invoice.  It’s their special thanks to the Association for “getting the word out.”

Don’t wait.  Get “Going.”